There’s a New Hero Coming to Tabletop

Coming this fall, there will be a new branded tabletop game out. It will be from an animated show many of us grew up watching and wanted to help. We will be able to fight along with Catwoman, Batgirl, Batman, Robin, and the police duo Comissioner Gordon & Officer Renee Montoya. Yep, Batman: The Animated Series is coming to us in tabletop form. Most sessions last about 2 episodes, 45-60 minutes. So this could be played with a group of friends without having to worry about a session going all night long. A good thing about this game is if you can’t get a group of friends together, you can always play solo. All the artwork, including character models, buildings, and villians, are done in Bruce Timm’s style. We are being promised that this initial release is just going to be the beginning. There are going to be additional releases for new villians and settings. Estimated release is in August this year.
You’ll be able to find this game as Batman: The Animated Series- Gotham Under Seige. This is something to play on those cold, winter nights where it’s too crappy to go anywhere. (Especially when you live where is snows during the winter months.)
I’m excited to get my hands on this game. Since my Hubs, Loreweaver, is generally gone during the week, this will give me something to do, without having to leave the house and find friends. Lol.
~Slightly Nerdy Gamer Girl~

Fallout 76, Bethesda’s Newest Tease

Fallout 76. Another installment in the Fallout Series. This time it’s about 20 years after the nuclear bombs went off and dealing with the fallout. I seen something from the Nerdist on Facebook about it and I had to check it out. I only had a short time to really check out the video because I was out dealing with my day job and was on the tail end of my lunch. My initial reaction was pure geekiness. I like the Fallout Series. Granted, I’ve only played 4 and never beat it. (I got way too motion sick on that game, even with being in 3rd person. I move my analog sticks far too much.) But I have watched Hubs play it. I have watched Oxhorn on YouTube go through the lore of Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas, and 4. He gets quite deep into it and it’s pretty cool to learn about how all the games tie into one another. Bethesda really put a lot of thought into the series and you can see it. I’m going to lie, it was weird to see a pristine Vault. No rust, blood, bones, bugs, or dirt strewn everywhere. Totally weird but awesome, nonetheless.
An article I read from KnowTechie, mentioned while we have some information, we don’t have it all. This could be an expansion like New Vegas, or something goofy like a card game, or a mobile app. We won’t really know until more details are given. Honestly, I would love to see it played out like New Vegas. Dealing with scavengers going through the abundant rubble, robots, people dealing with going through ghoul mutations, or just going through the motions of surviving.
Hubs is pretty excited about it too. He wants to do a series on it if it ends up being a game to play on the PS4. (He has his own YouTube channel: Loreweaver Gaming. Mostly live streams, but he has posted up some edited videos. You can find his channel here.)
What are y’all hoping for? Another installment in the series, a mobile game, or maybe something else? Let me know what you want/ think!!
~Slightly Nerdy Gamer Girl~

Let’s Go: Pikachu & Eevee!!

Nintendo is releasing a game for the Switch later this year, called Pokemon: Let’s Go! I was reading up on it and it sounds like an interesting concept! A mix between Pokemon Go! and the original game! I’m definitely interested in seeing how it pans out. It’s going to be based in the Kanto Region, just like Pokemon Yellow. The article said that there are going to be more of the anime in it as well, like Team Rocket and other notable characters.
The article also mentioned that this would be more like Pokemon: Go. The pokemon would be visible and not sneak up on you like the orignal Pokemon games. Plus there is no turn based battling with the wild pokemon, you would throw a pokeball at them like in Pokemon: Go! But that isn’t saying we wouldn’t get the turn based battles that we know and love. We would get that while battling AI Trainers and real people Trainers. You can trade your pokemon around, but there will be no eggs and no breeding, which I know is a bummer to some people. I never really did get into the whole breeding thing, I was more interested in getting my pokemon as strong as possible and decimating everyone who dared get in my way…. until level 60, when nothingreally gave me the exp I needed to level up relatively quickly. Lol.
This game is more for the players who are new to Pokemon in general. But we all know that a lot of us would get it, just to say we have it and relive some of that nostalgia. The nostalgia part is because 1) we’re deading back to Kanto, 2) we’re dealing with the original 151 Pokemon, and 3) it’s where it all started.
Part of me is all geeked out because I love the 1st gen of pokemon, it’s what I grew up on. I had a pokedex and whatever number I put in between 1 & 151, it would give me all the info. I don’t remember if it ever made the pokemon noises, it’s been about 16-18 years now. Even to this day, I miss that thing. I still have my electronic Pikachu. His cheeks and ears barely work, but he still lives. I remember going down to my cousin’s place, armed with my Pikachu, her electronic Togepi, pokedex, and backpack of snacks and trying to save the world from Team Rocket. She had a fairly large yard, so we would run around, and let our imginations run wild. I do miss those days, they seemed so much simpler. Lol.
But I am excited to see how this game goes. I know there are 2 versions, one with Pikachu, the other with Eevee. (If you start out with either of them, they won’t evolve, only the ones you catch in the wild.) Honestly, as much as I love Pikachu, I would go with Eevee. Only because Eevee has a variety of eeveelutions, even in gen 1.
If you want to read the article I kept referencing, go to and they should have the article posted, since this is still big news. Even a couple days late. Lol
What are y’all’s thoughts about this game? Yay? Nay? Let me know, I love to hear how y’all feel about everything I write about.
~Slightly Nerdy Gamer Girl~

Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest Part 2

Since my intial review of MtG: PQ, I’ve been really playing it, trying to get a feel for the game. I’m happy to say, I’m glad that I really gave it a try. The gameplay goes at the speed you do. If you want to speed thru each battle you can, if you want to take your time and read through every card, you can. As of 5/28/18, I haven’t gotten to the PvP side of things, just PvC. What I do really like about this game is that every 6 hours, they give you a free 3 card booster pack. it’s not much, but when you don’t want to, or can’t pay for the booster packs in-game, it’s a little something to boost the pre-made decks. I like that you don’t have to wait for hours on end for your Planeswalker to heal up before being able to battle again. You also don’t have the micro-transactions of paying for health potions, just to continue battling.
It’s a pleasant experience all around, so far. Hubs keeps laughing at me because I’ll be doing good in a battle when all of a sudden the tables will turn and I’m losing HP like nobody’s business. Cuss words are flying out of my mouth, I’m getting pissy, and when I lose, I pout for about 5 seconds before healing up and returning to battle. Hubs hasn’t gotten into MtG: PQ yet and I’m hoping to get him into it soon. I did make my own coalition, but I didn’t realize that it was private until just recently and it costs gold to turn it public. Other than being able to purchase booster packs using real money, you can also purchase mana crystal for real money. It’s useful in the game when you want to get different types of rare Planeswalkers and booster packs, but if you do different objectives for the battles, can be rewarded with level points, crystals, and mana crystals. You can pay-to-win, but it’s not necessary. So I am happy with it so far, I just need to defeat Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy in Chapter 1 Part 1 to really start exploring the PvP side of it.
If you guys have tried it, what do you think of it? Love it, hate it, could care less? I’d love to know!

Easy Going Games That Don’t Need WiFi/Data

So I’ve been without the net for a little bit. And yeah, it sucks. It makes talking to friends that I made online, pretty difficult, but it’s also cut down on thr games I can play on my tablet and phone. Because who wants to eat up all their data playing games when everything else requires it too? So I’ve downloaded and played a bunch of easy going games to play that don’t require the net. Some of them are card games, some are simulation games, and some are just plain goofy. **The games I am about to mention can be found in the Google Play Store, I’m not to sure about Apple’s App Store. If you can find them in the App Store, leave a comment to let everyone know!**
#1 on my list is a card game that is goofy, delves a little bit into the occult, and is a good time killer. Underhand is the title of the game. This game puts you in charge of a small cult and you have to manage it while keeping suspision off of you, making sure you don’t run out of food, and summoning the dark gods. While it sounds like a lot and not an easy going game, it totally is. If you’re playing with headphones or in your home, a radio announcer will pop up on certain choices. If you aren’t offended by the occult and can laugh at the little things, then I reccommend this game. I have it on both my phone and tablet. This game is a free to play game as well. No adds and no microtransactions!!
#2 is a game matching game like Bejeweled called Jewels Star. It has 3 game modes: Classic, Arcade, and Mineral. It’s a free to play game on the Play Store, I think it’s in the App Store as well. There are a few little ads but they are on the bottom of the screen and don’t get in the way of the board. There are about 3 powers that help you score quickly. The backgrounds are pretty awesome. They consist of artwork of plants in alien systems, dual moon skyscapes, and looking down on a gas giant, just to name a few.
#3 is a little clicker game called Brew Town. You get to run a brewing company. You get to control the research on different types of beer, like lager, ipa, and ales, to name a few. You get to brew it, send it out, and sell it in a tiny bar. You get to advance in the game by upgrading your hops. I’m not going to spoil the different types of hops for you guys, I want you to play the game and enjoy it! This game rewards you for playing everyday. You get to pick 1 card out of 4 for your prize and everyday is different!
#4 will make you want to eat cakes and sweets all day long. Bonbon Cakery puts you charge of a little cake shop. You get rewarded for playing everyday with things called premium tickets, which are a big help in the game. I think they can be bought using real money, but if you play a little bit everyday, it’s not needed. Moving away from the tickets, you get to create different treats like cakes, parfaits, and tarts. You also get to sell your treats from a little food truck! It’s a cute little game that will make you want to open up your own little bakery.
#5 is a ragdoll physics game that will help you with the feelings of pushing people down stairs! Stair Dismount lets you push crash test dummies from all sorts of places. Stairs, cliff sides, ski jumps are a few places. There a couple bundles you can purchase, some are just for skins, or locations, or to be able to have your dummy break as it falls from whatever ledge you push it from. There is also 1 bundle to buy that unlocks everything. Those are the only things purchasable, but you can still have fun without buying any of it. This game is on both the Play Store and App Store. I found this game a few years ago with my 1st or 2nd gen iPod Touch. (Yikes, that was a while ago!! O.o)
There are just a couple of the ones I play. They make for good time killers when you’re stuck at home, in the backseat of a vehicle (it’s a crappy place to be as an adult, lol), or even at th doctor’s office. And like I said, they don’t require the use of data to play, only to download them. Give them a whirl and let me know what you guys think of them! What are your favorite games to play that don’t require the net or data?


Magic: the Gathering Mobile App

I have recently discovered the Magic: the Gathering mobile app for andriod. For the few minutes I played it, I was intrigued but also a little put off. Intrigued because it’s a MtG app and I’ve been looking around for one for a while. Put off because the tutorial was so quick that i didn’t really have time to have it all sink in. Some of the cards flashed by so quickly, I couldn’t read what they said. Finding the cards wasn’t too bad, but trying to figure out how to play while everything is whizzing past is a little tough. Lol.
I do like the concept of the game. It feels very Gems of War like and I spent quiet a bit of time playing it on my phone and PS4. The PS4 version is what got me hooked on playing the mobile app. I had a clan called BarrelRider. (I was watching and reading The Hobbit at the time and it sounded like a cool clan name. Lol.) I like the turn based gem matching. It’s a little bit of Final Fantasy mixed in with Bejeweled.
I haven’t put in too much time into the game because my workload has gotten bigger, but I am hoping to put some more time into it soon. I want to make sure that my experience with the tutorial isn’t going to ruin the rest of the game play. I’m excited to see how it really plays without feeling forced to run through the tutorial.
Tell me what y’all thought/think about this game! Is it something you’d reccommend to a friend? Why or why not? I’d love to read your comments!

Zombie Trope

You guys ever notice how many zombie games there are or even zombie dlc’s? Just name a few: Tell Tales The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: Zombies, Dead Nation, Zombi, and can’t forget the last one: Resident Evil.
I get that it’s a super big seller for a lot of gamers. “Government experiment gone wrong, virus breaks out, people start eating one another, and the end of the world is happening as we know it, queue the heroes!” It’s good and all, but I’m starting to feel a little exasperated towards those genres. I’m feeling like everyone is trying to get aboard that train and get what money they can from it. I feel like it’s been over done for a few years now. I’m not a fan of a lot of blood and gore in video games and those types of games tend to have a LOT of blood and gore.
I do understand why it’s so huge right now. It’s how a lot of people are feeling towards society. Like the general public is nothing but a giant horde of walkers, faces glues to little screens, no cares except to get as many likes as possible, and a rag-tag team of people trying to save anyone who hasn’t been taken by the phone addiciton. Ya know, that would make a good plot to some cyber-punk game. Lol.
I’m not saying that anyone who loves zombie games is a loser, far from it. If you love them, then shoot zombies to your little hearts content! Heck, even shoot a few for me! Play them enough for the both of us! I’m simply stating that I think this trope is becoming a little too over used and it’ss becoming dull. In my opinion, at least.
What’s your favorite zombie game? Or if you’re like me and are just over it, how come?