Zombie Trope

You guys ever notice how many zombie games there are or even zombie dlc’s? Just name a few: Tell Tales The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: Zombies, Dead Nation, Zombi, and can’t forget the last one: Resident Evil.
I get that it’s a super big seller for a lot of gamers. “Government experiment gone wrong, virus breaks out, people start eating one another, and the end of the world is happening as we know it, queue the heroes!” It’s good and all, but I’m starting to feel a little exasperated towards those genres. I’m feeling like everyone is trying to get aboard that train and get what money they can from it. I feel like it’s been over done for a few years now. I’m not a fan of a lot of blood and gore in video games and those types of games tend to have a LOT of blood and gore.
I do understand why it’s so huge right now. It’s how a lot of people are feeling towards society. Like the general public is nothing but a giant horde of walkers, faces glues to little screens, no cares except to get as many likes as possible, and a rag-tag team of people trying to save anyone who hasn’t been taken by the phone addiciton. Ya know, that would make a good plot to some cyber-punk game. Lol.
I’m not saying that anyone who loves zombie games is a loser, far from it. If you love them, then shoot zombies to your little hearts content! Heck, even shoot a few for me! Play them enough for the both of us! I’m simply stating that I think this trope is becoming a little too over used and it’ss becoming dull. In my opinion, at least.
What’s your favorite zombie game? Or if you’re like me and are just over it, how come?


My MTG Experiences

Over the winter I started my journey into Magic: The Gathering. I haven’t delved into the history or all the different editions out there, but just the basic gameplay. Hubs had talked about it for a while and it sounded like a lot of fun. So I went and bought us 2 decks and a couple of boosters. I think I ended up buying like 6 boosters because the decks I bought were starter packs and those came with 2 boosters each. Hubs had walked me through a couple of rounds with our new decks. He got the deck he knows best: Black & White and I had gotten Blue & White. I can’t even begin to tell you how many matches he won with his deck.
We made subitutions for the little +1/+1 guys by using pennies. If they were any bigger, we used nickles. Any +1/+1 that was added to the cards, we used pennies. Lol. We made do with what we had. After a couple weeks of me geeting my butt handed to me match after match, Hubs told me to get another pack but to look for the symbols on the packaging. So I did end up buying another starter deck, this time is was Green & White. After a couple of learning matches, I was finally able to beat Hubs!! Blue/White is fine and all, but it moves far to slow for me. I’m more of a “let’s start damage right away and start breaking them down!” kind of player. (In most games where I can choose to be a mage, warrior, rouge, or a monk, I’m usually a the warrior or some sort of mix between tank & dps. I like to be in peoples’ faces in games because I’m not like that normally.) We haven’t played in na while and I’m starting to get an itch to do it again. I had a lot of fun. Escpecially when we would play for hours on end! Sometimes we would lose track of time and when we would finally look at the time, it’d be 2/3 am!
Hubs taught me to keep my deck small so I wouldn’t get so lost with my cards. That and so I could shuffle my deck easier. He laughed at me when I added in both boosters to my deck at first because I had such a hard time shuffling. But the hilarity of it passed when I started getting flustered because I had such a hard time trying to win. That’s when Hubs told me to keep the deck small, about 60-65 cards, and to swap out different cards. I still lost against him until I bought the new deck. Lol.
What are y’all’s favorite deck combos? I know you could probably mix and match every color and varying sizes of decks. How big does your deck run?


New Dragon Age?!

So I was scrolling my Facebok feed the other day and seen that they were making a new Dragon Age game. I’m pretty geeked about it. I loved the first two games and have seen a little bit of the tabletop version played on YouTube. (The video with Wil Wheaton.) I remember watching Hubs playing the 1st one and being intrigued. So when he was done playing, I made my own file. I made a female warrior, only because I wanted to be in the heart of battle and mages aren’t made for that. Hubs would laugh at me so much because I would be travelling along and scream out “SHINY!” and run for whatever loot I had seen. I don’t think I’ve beaten the 1st one yet, but I had so much fun playing what I had accomplished. I made my character sleep with Allister, because of course! 😉 To tell you guys how into the game I was, I even had DA based dreams. I don’t remember anything else about them except I was in the Dragon Age Universe.

I, for the life of me, tried so hard to get into Inquisition. I really did. While I liked the open world gameplay, I almost felt like it was too open world. I ended up dying to the same damn dragon about 6 or 7 times. I would even head in a direction opposite of the cursed thing and somehow bring myself back to it!! 0.o

I’m hoping that this new Dragon Age is something like the original ones. I know that they all can’t be the same, otherwise players won’t buy it. Maybe I’m just being a little picky about things. Nonetheless, I am excited and can’t wait for teaser trailers to be released. I probably won’t preorder it because I want to see how the reviews are. Hubs and I got burned with No Man’s Sky because we jumped on that hype train and rode it into the black pit of disappointment. (It was a good game, but missing a few key components like being able to see other players, play with said players, the freighters when it first released, and a few other things. It wasn’t worth the $60 when it was released.) But this isn’t a bash fest against NMS, this is my geek out about DA!!!

What do you guys think, are you geeked out like I am or are you a little iffy about another installment in the Dragon Age saga?

Bacteria & Fungus Galore!

I hope y’all find these little guys as interesting as I do. I love to learn about the weird things that inhabit the Earth with us. I love how weird it can get and sometimes surpass what our imaginations can come up with. I only chose a couple bacteria and fungus to write about. I will provide source links below of where I got the info from. I tried to make sure I got info from articles posted up within the last year or so. I didn’t want to have out-dated info. Now to begin with the list!! (And there’s pictures as well!!) XD

1)The Blob: Myxococcus-      This bacteria is known to cluster together, travel, and hunt as a “wolf pack”. Which is pretty unusual for bacteria. They happen to move by sticking out a long, skinny “hair” and pull itself along. While this may seem like a complicated way to move, it actually has a pretty dark purpose. The Blob uses this type of movement to actually hunt and take down everything in its path. It will devour what it can. The Blob turns its prey into a slurry by releasing antibiotics and digestive enzymes to break out its victim. Talk about brutal and slightly horrifying! Lol. And when food gets low, the bacteria will stack upon itself and will create a tough outer coat. This outer coat doesn’t need any food or water and will help the bacteria survive until food becomes abundent again.


2) Tersicoccus phoenicis-    This bacteria pretty much pissed off and stunned scientists at 2 of NASA’s “clean rooms”. It evolved to survive NASA’s intense disinfecting/sterilization process. NASA is planning on keeping a few samples of this tough guy to compare anything that comes in from space to it. The “clean rooms” are NASA’s operating rooms for their spacecrafts. T. phoenicis is a tough littlr shit! Let this guy be your inspiriation about accomplishing anything you set your mind to, even if everyone thinks its impossibel! ;D


3) Schizophyllum commune-     Who said that the fun-guy couldn’t have more that 23,000 sexes?! Well apparently S. commune wanted to break the mold and shock everyone with its gender fluidity. The reason behind having so many sexes isn’t to make reproducing harder, but actually easier. To quote from the article, “In contrast to humans- a human can typically mate successfully (have kids, I mean) with about half of the people in the room. [..] But a fungus might find that nearly everybody on the dance floor is a potential mate.” Good luck trying to put that on your dating profile! I wonder how you put that in your profile bio?


4)  Last but not least: Cordyceps–     A type of fungus that peripherally controls a host. The fungus takes control over the muscles, leaving the host’s brain intact. Cordyceps will force its host to get to high ground so when the fungus matures and the host dies, it can spread its spores over a larger area. It was believed for years that the Cordyceps went into the brain and would move the host that way, but it has been disproven by using electron mircoscopy and 3D imaging. There are about 400 different kinds of this fungus. I saved this one for last because it is one of my favorite fungus. I had first learned about it years ago when BBC: Planet Earth released. I thought it was so weird, creepy, and cool. I did tell my friends about it and they looked at me like I had grown a stalk out of the top of my head. So I left the subject alone until Naughty Dog released The Last of Us. My love for the Cordyceps was renewed. I absolutely love how Naughty Dog did a different spin on the whole zombie outbreak trope (I will make a post on how I feel about that). It felt like more of an original idea than a government experiment gone awry.


I want to thank you guys for reading through this! I hope you find it as interesting as I do! Please feel free to let me know what one was your favorite! If it’s not on my list, comment what yours is and I’ll go look it up! As promised, here are the source links!!

1) The Blob!

2) Tersicoccus phoenicis

3) Schizophyllum commune

4) Cordyceps

Gaming Snack Food

This blog idea is courtesy of the Hubs. It’s a topic we’ve talked about numerous times over the course of our relationship and one we continue to talk about. I figured it’d be a great thing to talk about, since everyone (I’m assuming) snacks while gaming.
Hubs list:
Pizza Rolls– Great to eat one handed and perfectly bite-sized… as long as the filling isn’t as hot as molten lava.
Chips– Able to eat one handed. Only downside is having to wip your hands on your pants to get rid of some of the grease or seasoning so you don;t get as much on your controller/mouse/pen & paper
Bagels– He says this is great for tabletop gaming. Put whatever you want on it and you’re good to go
Pizza– A staple in any gaming situation and the perfect food
Pop– Pepsi is his go to drink, but any kind of pop will do. (If there is no pop available, he’s happy with a glass of Kool-Aid)
My List:
Pretzels– Able to eat one-handed and not have to worry about grease?! Perfect!
Any kind of drink– Pop, Kool-Aid, Water
Pizza– Dude, seriously. Pizza is perfect, anytime, anywhere
Peanut Butter & Crackers– I usually make a small plate of these beforehand. Saltine crackers are the best with some PB on top. It’s a one-handed snack so you don’t have to worry about putting down the controller for too long.
Cookies– I feel like this is a staple snack on almost every gamers list. I could be wrong though.
Chips– Need I say more?
Chicken Nuggets– It’s a snack and a meal!! If you live close enough to a McDonald’s, their 20 piece is perfect, otherwise some store bought ones baked in the oven or toaster oven are just as good! (I do make homemade nuggets from time to time, if y’all want, I can post the recipe I found in a different blog post)
Popcorn– There’s so many seasonings for popcorn that you could probably go a month and not have the same thing twice. Plus it’s healthy!!
Ranker’s list:
Chicken nuggets
Ham Sandwich
Hershey’s Kisses
Yorks Peppermint Patties
(They had several differnt types of alcohol and brands of pop, so I decided to condense them down. Everyone has their own preference)
If you’re looking for some healthy alternatives, click here and it’ll take you to vitals.lifehacks! Here’s 6 snacks and their healthy counterparts. I’ll just list the snack & the healthy one, if you want all the details, visit their website!
Toasted Pita Bread vs Potato Chips  
Trail Mix (Nuts & Dried Fruit) vs Cookies  
Frozen Grapes vs Sour Patch Kids  
String Cheese & Jerky vs Nachos  
Boiled Eggs vs Hot Pockets  
Sushi vs Pizza Rolls
I know this topic has probably been talked about a lot. But I find it interesting to hear, or read, what others think of has the perfect gaming food. And the thing of it is, they’re not wrong. As long as it fuels you and keeps you gaming, it’s perfect. The lists I have up, are American based lists. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, seeing how I’m American, but I would love to hear about gaming food in other countries. I’m sure I can Google it, but it’s not the same as seeing it from someone who actually lives and games in a different country, like Egypt, China, England, or even Austrailia. So let me know what y’all think and what do you think is a perfect snack? Or do you not snack? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it!!

“Press Play to Begin”

Hey all!! I’m just starting up a blog to write about the nerdy things in life that I like. That includes tabletop, video, card/board, and mobile games, science-y stuff, and what’s going on in the behind-the-scene stuff of the gaming world. I may write a few posts about creatures from D&D corresponding animals from the real world. It’s interesting to think no matter how weird we make creatures, Earth will provide one just as weird or even weirder.

I know a little bit about everything and a lot about nothing, hence the slightly in my title! XD If there is ever anything you guys want me to research and write about, please feel free to write a comment!

To give a little info about me, I play video games, mostly. I game with the Hubs and we are both on PS4, we each have our own and generally sit in the same room and chat that way. I play games like Destiny 1 & 2, Tom Clancy’s: The Division, ESO, FF XIV: A Realm Reborn, LoZ, Guitar Hero, and countless other games. We also have laptops, tablets, smartphones, a PS2, GameCube, and a N64. At one point we had a Nintendo WiiU, but had to sell it at one point. Super Mario Maker was one of our favorites on that system! I grew up on the Sega: Genesis. I can remember playing Sonic: 2, Pugsy, Echo, and a few other games! When the N64 released, my family got it as a family present. (I still have the original N64). My 1st personal system was the GameCube, which I still have and play every now & again.


This winter I have finally played my first round of Magic: The Gathering. We have learned that Blue/White is not my style and I lose constantly. I have better luck with Green/White. Hubs has a White/Black deck. We have the 3 decks plus 5-6 boosters. Only a couple booster packs have been opened and used.

I still have yet to play a full tabletop RPG like D&D. Hubs is on board with us hosting a get together, but none of our friends are into it. Hubby’s friends are more into guns, sports, and the stereotypical masculine things. My friends are into fanfiction, movies, and fashion. I haven’t really been big into movies, more video games and board games.

Hubs has been playing video games since the Atari. (Yes, he is older than I.) He remembers the box you would attach to the back of the TV and Pong. Lol. He’s been doing D&D since the 1st Edition the Wizards have published. I have heard many a tale about the funny quotes, the heroic triumphs, and heartbreaking failures. Stories about hand made props and mini’s, year long campaigns, and sessions only lasting a weekend or two. He was one of the 1st kids on his block to get a NES and would have sleep over with his friends and would play all weekend long, getting enough sleep to keep playing.

Well, that’s a little bit about us and our gaming histories! I hope y’all are all set and ready to set out on an unexpected journey with me!!